Example cycling in Taiwan To promote Taiwan as a cycling destination China Airlines invit niche influencer Freek Geurts to cycle around the island and share this journey via his Instagram account regalphisThis account is follow by about K avid cyclists with a high level of engagement. Another important reason for choosing Freek was his talent for photography. The quality of his photos is very high which also result in great content for the own mia channels. Accept cookiesLess content better quality Start a collaboration with influencers at an early stage so that there is room for co-creation. Then they can think along and there is more content.

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Influencers are handy reporters from their target group. Go for fewer but more unique posts. Let it arise from passion. Selective & critical Be selective and critical. Producing less content does not mean that you spend less time you invest more time to make the best version Vietnam Phone Number of every post. The content form of video is also increasing and in addition to making video iting is also time-consuming. Every mium nes a modifi version. You post horizontal videos on YouTube and for the new Instagram IGTV you make vertical videos just like for Snapchat’s Discovery platform.

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Anyone can post short videos currently up to ten minutes on IGTVThe big popular accounts are allow to post longer videos up to an hour. IGTV is promising because the threshold to watch videos on it is very low. For example Instagram only shows the first characters in a post after that it is Bold Data truncat. You can captivate young people who are us to doing everything on their smartphone. A well it Story also generates awareness and can entice followers to look further or to swipe to your website. Short & powerful Short and powerful text are also very important.

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