Science which succumbs more and more often to the charm of its unlimited. Possibilities has come once again to deprive us of a freedom and to condemn us to live under. Permanently lit searchlight which will illuminate the shadows of our past. A news item in the tabloids recently informed us of the construction of a microchip which will be able to accompany us for life. Record everything we learn and everything we do so that we can have. At every moment a faithful picture of our past life. Scientists even calculated that on average the information about our lives will not exceed ten million megabytes. A giant memory that will fit a small life. All we have to do is fill up our hard drive. Photography began to concern me when I had already overcome the youthful impudence. My desire is for my knowledge and emotions to operate unconsciously so that my work like my life surprises me. I have no specific plans or ambitions.

The photographic process is more important

Photography interests me mainly as a tool for classification and visual transfer of the stimuli I receive from the world. And these consist of inflated details or enormous sizes that must be shrunk down to appropriate them. And they change With the random moments of my life Real Estate Photo Editing with the random acquaintance with a place with. The random contact with people with the random acquisition of a camera. I photograph faces because they fascinate and torture me ruins and gardens because they frighten. Comfort me street scenes because they amuse and sadden me. Theatrical moments because there just like in photography false time and fictitious space are hidden. I present my photographs in exhibitions or publications matched in small stimulus units. They are never finished or cut off. They all come together in the unfolding of my life. It is clear that recently at every opportunity the representatives of the medical profession are exposed to group and blind fire mainly from.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Professional areas where stoning is not current

Desiring to help in the direction of sobriety and impartiality. I jot down a few of my thoughts with the composure of one who is neither doctor nor patient beneficent or slaughtered. First Any generalization or professional categorization hides seeds of social Bold Data exclusion and injustice. The expression of reservation for the good possible representatives. The species reminds the corresponding reservation of the racists who take care to remind that they always have good Jewish friends. After all even the hanging of the medical badge on the car window does not justify the arresting awarding. The title of bad driver to any doctor while this does not apply to the rest of the professionals who circulate without distinctive badges. Second It is a requirement of justice to respect the right to each person’s mistake and his consequent remorse or him. Moreover it is not only in the field of health that.

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