Can Turn Them Into A Subject, A Product, A System Or A Service. And I Will Present Some Of The Results Achieved By The Students, Such As “Crockery”, “Ager” Or “Howl.”Inaugural Lecture Of The Series “Terrors Of The City” By Marina Garcés Arts And Humanities Studies 10 October, 2018 #terrorsdelaciutat You Can Now Watch The Inaugural Conference Of The Series “Terrors Of The City” Which Took Place On October 2 In The Beckett Room. This Paper Analyzes The Political Uses Of Fear Vertebrate From A Coetzee Tale Entitled “The Dog.”

Marina Garcés Delves Into The Various Parallels Between The Story And The Current Social Territory. Within This Dissertation, The Philosopher Establishes A Segmentation On How Contemporary Fears Are Articulated: Inside / Outside, Threat / Security, Hatred / Humiliation, Mediation / Indifference. Through This Structure He Develops A Discourse Where, Finally, He Invites Us To Learn To Overcome Fears Together. We Share The Video With Youat The Same Time, We Have Seen How A Love Enchantment That Does Not Involve Gender Differences Is Possible, Or A Hypertrophy That Isolates Us From The Rest Of Social Ties, Or Where We Invoke, Forever,

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It Doesn’t Seem Necessary To Give Up The Deep Enchantment , Between Loving, Fraternal And Innocent Vietnam Phone Number That Is Reflected In A Children’s Film Likeponyo En En Acantilado (2008); Or The Enchantment That The Sex-affective Awakening Of A Film Like Belleza Robada (1996) Can Make So Special ; Or The Romantic Evocation That Enchants The Everyday Reality Of The Songs Of A Group Like Manel . Few Statements Are As Unromantic Today As Arguing That Taste Is The Measure. But It Is Perhaps The Only Way To Defend The Validity, And Emancipatory Potential, Of Romantic Love.


Throughout History Up To The Present Day. For Example, In The Literary Sector, A Large Part Of The Reading Public Is Women, And Yet The Titles Offer By The Publishing Sector Under Male Authorship Prominate. Within This Inequality, Literary Works Publish By Women In The Category Of “Women’s Literature” Or “Women’s Literature” Are Also Sometimes Distinguish  While “Men’s Literature” Does Not Exist. In Art, Much Of The Work On Display In Museums Is Produc By Men, Leading To A Lack Of Leading Female Artists. In Philosophy , Man Is Synonymous With Human Beings , While When He Refers To Women , He Is Only Part

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The Large Number Of Gender Biases Present In The Arts And Humanities Is Significant. This Gender Perspective Is Essential To Endorse The Feminist Discourse Of The Arts And Humanities. Susanna And The Elders By Artemisia Gentileschi 3. Include Women In Spaces Of Prestige And Cultural Recognition There Is Talk Of Parity, Of Equity, Of Gender Equality, Of Finding This Balance Between Men And Women, But We Continue To Identify That The Spaces Of Power, Recognition And Prestige Are Occupied By Men. The Cultural Sector Is No Exception.

Gradually, With A Slow But Gradual Drip, Women Are Gaining More Presence In Various Cultural Spheres. However, This Visibility Framed By A Feminist Discourse, We Can Perceive. A Permanent Tone: Where There Is More Presence Of Women Are In The Recognized Spaces With Less Cultural Prestige . In This Challenge In The Field Of Arts And Humanities, There Is A Double Goal. It Is Not Just A Question Of Places. Occupied By Men Providing Space For The Female Gender (Regardless Of Their. Cultural Origin And Economic Position), It Is Also A Matter Of Recognizing. Those Spaces Where Women Are And Have Been Protagonists .

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