Convincing the world that we truly offer value has never been an easy task. An attractive proposition has always been the first step, although today without a reasonably satisfactory consumer experience there is no longer anyone who chops twice. However, I wonder how much longer we can continue to trust that a clear offer and a simple purchase is enough combination to attract attention. Because there is every reason to think that this magic formula is about to run out.

In a hyper-connected world completely saturated with commercial stimuli, the battle for the customer is fiercer than ever. And it is that in this society that day by day advances unstoppable towards the digital and  UK Phone Number List where the competition is at the usual click of a button, capturing their attention is an imperative that I fear will no longer be enough. Because it touches, even without recovering from the titanic effort, to go further by creating ties of loyalty that make you repeat with us.

9 out of 10 people kill time looking at a screen. In the transport, in the waiting rooms, in the queues, while they serve us the menu? people wait with mobile or tablet in hand. In 2016, being elected will be closer than ever. We are hyper-stimulated, bombarded with proposals that are so low-level, that none of them lifts us from the chair. Is it not because they UK Phone Number List dangerously forget how demanding we have become as consumers, completely leaving aside the longing that many of us already have to “do it our way”?

Getting those who claim to be taken into account fall in love with you seems like a real challenge. This is where a simple touch of customization can work miracles. Because there is nothing more powerful than feeling that it is you they are speaking to, that the listening they offer you is sincere and profound, the effort to adapt to your reality. Any marketing UK Phone Number List action that pursues impact must bypass rhetoric and move on to action. Focusing on people, looking for the positive emotional response that comes when you realize that you matter.

If we want to be heard, we will have to put “our book” aside to be all ears, capturing intentions and writing as we go the story that each one hopes to hear. The standardized messages will have to end, so that the tastes, needs and also the shortcomings of each of our clients come into play. Don’t you just follow the recommendation of that waiter who knows you well when he tells you to try the house’s special dish today?

The time has come to do customized marketing, dosing what you want to communicate and to whom you want to do it. Centering the shots. It is strictly forbidden to send offers without rhyme or reason or messages full of self-promotion to your services or products. Digital marketing allows you to know your client more and better, to build individualized proposals. You will have to rely on technology to offer each client that value they are looking for.

Often times, being chosen depends solely on the ability to be in the right place at the right time. Now more than ever, we can take advantage of the value of the here and now, looking your client in the eye to say loud and clear how we feel about him. I recognize you. And I infinitely value every new piece of information you offer me about yourself.

To delve into the reality of your clients, you need them to tell you what they expect of you. A very simple way to do this is to enhance their response and their interaction with you. Encourage dialogue in all your communications. Ask the customer for their opinion. A suggestion box or comment section will be a good start. Word of mouth is powerful. Add to it the recommendation of those strangers who come to us every time we type in the search engines the word “opinions” followed by the name of a company. Of course, always answer.

And take into account what he has told you. We can improve the impact of our campaigns by combining everything when we know about the customer with a high dose of relevance. And to get it, ask the client where he thinks he is. Try to understand what you value and what you don’t. Myself, I delete without reading all emails from a hotel chain without unsubscribing from their list. Surely my behavior is strange to them, but they have never asked me if it is to take advantage of the discount that they will offer me on my birthday or because I already know the benefits of all their establishments. Of course, whatever you do, you can only improve if you know the impact of what you do. Take a look at so much data and dive into the why. The opening rate of the email or the visitors of a website are undoubted

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