Using a recognized image for the consumer. Within our strategies can improve the impact and. Results of our advertising rappi ‘s community manager. Has chosen to make his own version of the weirdest. Super bowl lvi ad this 2022. Today the sports field has proven to be of vital importance. For the population of all ages around the world who have their respective. Favorite tournaments among them there are some sporting. Events that manage to stand out for their relevance. Both in the fans and in the brands themselves. According to the statista study where it shows the sporting. Events with the highest brand value in the world during 2019.

The Super Bowl Was Positioned in First Place With 780 Million Dollars

Surpassing its main “competition” by almost double. The summer olympics with 375 million dollars. The super bowl is Malta WhatsApp Number List the most important sporting event for brands. Which pay incredible amounts of money to position their products. Services or name in the sight of millions of viewers. On this occasion the companies had to pay approximately 7 million. Dollars to remain for 30 seconds on the screens. And devices of game fans as well as advertising and. Marketing lovers during this event we were able to. See world-class brands offering their respective advertising images. With their 30 paid seconds where we saw all kinds of ads such. As the new trailer for the lord of the rings. The rings of power that of michelob ultra with. Welcome to superior bowl.

Nissan With Thrill Driver Among Others

Malta WhatsApp Number List

However there was one in particular that managed. To attract the attention of millions with. A somewhat unusual strategy but that was just as effective (or better). Rappi’s cm adopts the rarest super bowl ad in his. Strategies super bowl viewers noted the presence. Of what may have been the weirdest ad during the. Sporting event in years where coinbase. (brand for buying and selling cryptocurrencies) opted to deliver a. Type of interactive advertising to fans’ homes. Using an animated qr code similar to what we saw a few. Years ago with dvd devices while a computerized. Melody played said advertisement whose investment in. Its production is shown as doubtful. Managed to demonstrate its effectiveness.

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