Where are the wild things? Not always on your website – which is why it’s important to release your Iran Phone Number online content into the wilds of the “real world” with mobile tagging. What’s your tagging vehicle? QR codes! Iran Phone Number  QR, shorthand for “quick response,” are bar codes applied to physical objects in the world and decoded quickly using a smart phone. QR code use is approaching a popular tipping point as more people adopt smart phones and discover the “hidden” rich media (website content, video, rss, etc.) embedded. Bonus feature: response to your QR codes can be measured, too.

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QR Code Use: A Case Study George Bowers Grocery is a specialty food shop located outside Iran Phone Number  downtown Staunton, VA (disclosure: I am part owner). The shop’s primary marketing and promotion relies heavily on social-media content and interaction. Customers are generally residential and live within walking distance. However, there Iran Phone Number  were two untapped customer segments: tourists and students at local Mary Baldwin College. We created a QR code that redirected to our website and another that allowed users to Iran Phone Number check in at FourSquare. The codes were distributed downtown, at the shop and via Facebook. We added the words, “welcome to the future!” on a QR code poster in the shop. This prompted conversation and face-to-face customer engagement as we demonstrated downloading the relevant app and discovering the

Located Outside Downtown Iran Phone Number

Iran Phone Number List
Iran Phone Number List

“hidden message” (an unexpected experience: having a “tech talk” with your grocery bagger!). We achieved a 302% increase in mobile phone traffic to our website and Iran Phone Numbers  a 25% increase in monthly check-ins using FourSquare. The latter was a smaller jump, which we feel is probably Iran Phone Numbers  due to the reduced penetration of. FourSquare users in a town of 25,000 compared to metro areas. We feel this effort resulted in greater overall awareness of the business from both target audiences…certainly worth the few minutes and virtually no-cost approach. How to Create and Read QR Codes QR codes are ridiculously easy to make. Moreover qR Code Generator and Stickybits are two of several sites which allow you to create the codes for free. They also provide the free phone apps to read them.

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