With the beginning of a new year, it is almost mandatory to establish resolutions, in order to take advantage of the new 365-day period that is presented to us for our personal and professional development. In the case of marketing professionals, this approach is almost mandatory, due to the continuous situation of evolution and changes that the sector determines. For this reason, we have made a selection of purposes to be put into practice, for those professionals who want to develop the skills most demanded by companies in 2015. Develop the capacity for adaptation. Basic premise to survive in the sector. According to Adobe, 66% of marketers believe their roles will change in the next 3 years; at most one year, as considered by the remaining 44%. Therefore, it is necessary to be flexible to changes, and accept them as a way to advance professionally. Cultivate the innovative spirit. It is not only necessary to adapt to the new situation, but to have vision, go beyond trends, and project the strategy one step ahead. Those capable of setting the course for this sector, in full development,

will be the ones who can stand out and project their worth. Mastering Big Data. It is a reality, information is power, and if it can be measured, the better. However, unraveling the mysteries of data mining is a skill that few have managed to develop. It is the cornerstone of any strategy, which every professional who wants to grow must master. Adopt analytics as the basis for decision making. It is essential to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, draw conclusions and provide solutions on a real scenario. To do this, it is not enough to collect information, but it is necessary to determine what is important to analyze, and how to apply the  Benin WhatsApp number list  conclusions obtained to maximize performance. In marketing, a basic improvement can pay off huge. Have technical skills. We are entering a world dominated by new technologies. Therefore, it is convenient to know at least the programming bases, in order to know its potential, and take advantage of it in the design of the strategy. Likewise, the technical profiles will have in their hands the ability to materialize innovation.

Think mobile. Mobile devices rule the world. The present of the target audience is already mobile, although companies are still lagging behind, following the canons established until now. The achievement of objectives as important as improving the customer experience, and thereby raising your satisfaction index depends on mobile adaptation. Be more creative than ever. We cannot ignore creativity. Technological advancements, analytics, or strategic planning would be nothing without creative exposure. Hence the need to empower our most emotional side, and be able to apply it to involve rational arguments. 100% Resolutive. We are faced with a world that is advancing at a frenetic pace. Which demands decision-making in real time. Success or resounding failure will depend on the ability to be faster and more effective than the competition. Have assertive qualities. Characteristics such as assertiveness, empathy and conciliatory character are highly valued attributes within the organization. Essential both in dealing with the client and in the work environment. These values ​​provide a special perspective that is transmitted both in the analysis and decision-making, as well as in the day-to-day running of the company. Thus, today’s companies do not want automatons, but rather value highly qualified and professional profiles, with a social perspective. What qualities of those mentioned do you already possess? What are your professional purposes to become the marketer that all companies want?

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