Online videos have become an absolutely essential tool for marketers, since it is one of the most effective channels to communicate with that consumer who spends the day glued to his smartphone, spends an average of 45 minutes a day watching videos on his mobile (and going up) and pay more attention to the video format than to any other on  Australia Phone Number List social networks. Brands have not been oblivious to this reality and 2015 was undoubtedly the year of the online video boom, when 8 out of 10 companies acknowledged having increased their budget for videos.

But the rise of video marketing has led to a series of transformations that will change the way of thinking about advertising and marketing in 2016. Vidyard co-founder Michael Lift shares with the Huffington  Australia Phone Number List Post some predictions about how video marketing will transform the field of game for brands and marketers for the next several months. Brand videos are useful during all phases of the purchase process

Video is not only an ideal format to viralize content on Facebook, but it is also becoming the perfect channel to accompany consumers on their shopping journey: from publicizing the brand to presenting a product, from sharing testimonials from others users to help you use it once you have purchased it. An Ascend2 report showed the effectiveness  Australia Phone Number List of different types of videos, according to various companies, with the highest valued being customer testimonials, demos and tutorials, content that would be at the bottom of the sales funnel and that show its potential to help to sell more .

The promise of interactive video has been around for years and years, but it has never quite taken off, probably due to the technical complexity of its implementation. However, advances in video playback  Australia Phone Number List technology and interactive element design tools make it very likely that this year will finally be the definitive one. And what will these interactive videos consist of? They will go far beyond allowing the consumer to click on a product to buy it, and will integrate questionnaires and forms of data collection that will help marketers turn static videos into active tools to generate leads, qualify consumers and achieve greater engagement.

But in addition, technological improvements will be used to create a new video category: “choose your own adventure”, in which the consumer will be able to choose the content that interests him.  Australia Phone Number List Connecting with the previous point, brands will also bet on bringing the concept of personalization, so essential in digital marketing, to the world of videos. Thus, marketers will customize the content with the particular information of each viewer to offer them a unique experience adapted to their needs.

Because in addition, personalized videos have already shown their potential: in 2015 the campaigns that have opted for them have generated between 200% and 1500% more clicks and better conversion rates. Very soon all competitive companies, both B2B and B2C will have a team dedicated to video marketing. It is already being seen today how companies hire more and more professionals (from creative directors to screenwriters) and value this knowledge more so as not to have to outsource the production of video content.

The distribution will be multichannel

Until very recently, YouTube, the social video platform par excellence, was for many the main channel, if not the only one, for the distribution of this content. However, although it will continue to be used, it has lost relevance compared to its own websites and video channels, which make it possible to reduce external dependence on video playback. But in addition, other social networks have joined the party, such as Linkedin, Twitter and especially Facebook, which is gaining importance every month. During 2016, marketers will further expand the use of different digital channels, to reach their audiences wherever they are.

The use of analytics becomes sophisticated

One of the most underrated advantages of video marketing is the ability to track the activity and engagement of each viewer, regardless of whether they play or not. Since video content is always connected and streaming, marketers can track shoppers’ viewing habits second by second to react immediately based on how each person interacts with the content. Not only can you track the number of views or minutes viewed, you can also discover which videos best hold attention or how each video contributes to lead generation. That’s why 2016 will see massive growth in the use of advanced analytics to help companies hone their video marketing skills.

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