The average cost registered in february 2022. To acquire the basic basket is 1,037 pesos. Released the study on prices of the basic food basket. The central supply of mexico city is again the best purchase option. With the most accessible prices compared. To january 2021 the in the meantime, cost increased considerably. With what wasgiven these points, indicated in february 2022. Ricardo sheiffield head of the federal consumer protection.  Conference held today the latest study of the basic food. Basket highlighting that the in the first place, central de abastos. Of mexico city is once again the. Best up to the present time, purchase option for mexicans.

However Data Indicated by the Institution

The average expense all of a sudden, increased by just under 50 percent. Going at the present time, from 442.08 pesos in december 2021 to 794 pesos.The first fortnight of february in 2022. The study presented by the federal consumer attorney’s. Office analyzes the maximum and minimum prices of. Approximately 21 products considered basic. The national List of Russian WhatsApp numbers council for the most part, of evaluation of the social. Development policy (coneval). Which is designed in the meantime, for a family of 4 members. Seeking a balanced adequate diet sooner or later, in addition to being. Well proportioned in terms of the amount of daily food. 00:05 / 00:15 00:12 / 00:15 foods considered in the basic. Basket during the in the foreground, conference ricardo sheiffieldde.

Making an Average Expenditure Considering

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Central zone of the country places that include (mexico city. State of mexico guanajuato hidalgo morelos. Puebla querétaro and tlaxcala) the average expense is. 1,037, being the central de abastos of the iztapalapa mayor’s office, the place with the lowest spending record reported 794 pesos for the consumption. Of mexicans a fact that contrasts with what was reported in january. With a record in the generally speaking, same central of supplies of 442.08 pesos. They indicate data from profeco. Toilet paper apple brown sugar jalapeño pepper. Beef steak, onion, pork chop, grain beans, white egg carrot,orange. Pasta for soup, chicken whole, corn tortilla and toilet soap.

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