Social media has changed the rules of the advertising and marketing game and advertisers now have to focus their advertising efforts on these platforms. However, the new social media are diverse and each one fulfills a specific function for the audience and the brands. In this sense, YouTube stands as a very effective tool to gain the trust of users and, especially, the reviews of products that are offered through this platform.

This is the main conclusion of a study recently organized by the companies BuzzMyVideos and OnePull, which surveyed more than 500 users of this social network, between 16 and 45 years of age last month about their video consumption habits and the impact of this social network on your purchasing decisions. In this sense, the results could not be more favorable for the social network owned by Google, since 42% of those interviewed recognized that product reviews on YouTube were their main source of trust.

In fact, the trust that users carry towards these video content is such that it exceeds, and by much difference, the trust data obtained by traditional media, such as television (with 14.14% of the affirmative answers) and the radio (which only registered 2% of the total of these). These results are in line with other recent research, which confirms the power of online video as a marketing strategy. Thus, a survey by the Invodo company maintains that, after viewing a review through YouTube, consumers  Georgia phone number list   increase their interest in making a purchase, specifically, the possibilities that they will go to a business, either online or physical, are multiplied by 1.6 times than if they had not seen this content through this social network.

In the same way, the analyzes of different brands confirm that product reviews continue to gain followers and popularity among users. In fact, 53% of users admit that they are carried away by the positive opinions of other users. These are data from the Offersan company, which together with Ipsos establishes that content in the form of opinion, which dominates this type of format, is the most influential among users.

In parallel, research by BuzzMyVideos and OnePull confirms that online video has seen remarkable growth in users. At least that is what emerges from the time that they claim to spend in front of the screens, whether mobile or traditional. Thus, the average of those surveyed is a consumption of 5.78 hours of online video per week.A figure whose main percentage of users is concentrated in the range that covers consumption of between two and five hours a week, however, users who acknowledge watching online videos during this period of time and whose figure reaches 37.2% of the total of the interviewees.

Likewise, this research has stopped to analyze what are the types of content through YouTube reviews that consumers demand the most, data from which brands can guide their social media marketing strategies. Thus, the main content they watch are comedy videos (32% of the total), followed by music (24%), beauty (8%), how it’s done (8%), games and food (both with 5%) .Finally, users were also asked about the effectiveness of this content and its adaptation to their interests and needs. In this sense, the majority of those interviewed (four out of ten users) agreed with them, compared to only 15% of those surveyed, who acknowledged their disagreement with them.

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