Hello, we meet again~ today we South Korea Phone Number will continue the e-commerce. Design thinking series, and this time we will talk about the fogg model. (the last article discussed the application of sales model aida in design, with a portal: e-commerce. Design thinking ① | South Korea Phone Number  application of aida model ) professor. Fogg of stanford university has organized. And deepened the concept of .behavioral design, and proposed a new model of human behavior, namely the fogg model. The main point of the fogg model is that human behavior is composed of .three elements: motivation, ability and trigger. When these three elements are satisfied at the same time. Behavior will occur; using an equation to simplify it is b=mat. Where b is behavior behavior, m is motivation, a is ability, and t is triggers.

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Fogg behavior model states that for a behavior to occur, the actor. First needs to have the South Korea Phone Number motivation to perform the behavior and the ability to. Perform the behavior; then, if they have sufficient motivation and ability to perform the given. Behavior, they will be induced/ South Korea Phone Number triggered when carried out. ——mba think tank encyclopedia how to understand mat? Let’s take a . Common example from life; for example, you wanted to go out to eat your favorite barbecue today. But you didn’t, why? Possibility South Korea Phone Number  1: when you want to go out, you suddenly realize that you are losing weight. Your efforts before eating a meal are wasted, and you can’t hold back after hesitating.

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The path to reach is too difficult. A certain motive also retreats; possibility 3: plan to go out South Korea Phone Numbers  in an hour, watch the drama you will be chasing first, and. Then realize that it is already dark, and the barbecue restaurant may have closed. Moreover is the lack of a “trigger” point to convert motivation into behavior. From the above, it can South Korea Phone Numbers  be concluded. That if you want users to convert, you need to meet: give users enough motivation (motivation); users have the ability to. Complete conversions (ability); there are factors that trigger user conversion (trigger); 1. Motivation there are three main categories of motivation that fogg summarizes: pleasure or pain: a. Powerful source of motivation; hope or fear: based on an expectation or assessment of an outcome; social proof.

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