PDPAOLA is a digital native brand that has recently opened its flagship store in Barcelona. In just seven years, the brand has grown rapidly and has earned the trust of celebrities and influencers from around the world, who have chosen to wear their jewellery. This brand is sold in department stores around the world and plans to open exclusive stores throughout Europe. Thus becoming a truly omnichannel and international business. In order to manage online and physical store sales in a unified way, PDPAOLA has relied on the Shopify POS point of sale and with this has achieved. Improve the lifetime value of customers in physical stores by 5%. Save 50% of time per transaction for store employees. Reduce human errors. Increase efficiency in stock management.

Challenge PDPAOLA experienced rapid growth

So it decided to go from being a national brand to launching throughout Europe. He soon developed a significant fan base on social media with a diverse and international audience and a strong e-commerce proposition. However, the brand realized that they wanted to become an omnichannel business to Albania Phone Numbe offer their customers the chance to try and feel their elegant and delicate products on their own skin. The omnichannel approach is key for us as a brand, but it is also essential to offer a consistent experience to all our customers and to continue creating. Community around PDPAOLA both online and in store. Miquel Cardona, Director of Commercial Development at PDPAOLA.

Solution PDPAOLA started using Shopify POS to integrate

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Its physical and online sales. The control panel of the POS application includes a summary of the Bold Data key information of the unified sales. That are made in the business in real time and the system maintains a history of all the purchases made. Both online and in the store, to offer a unique customer base. This allows PDPAOLA to offer the same incentives to visitors to the Barcelona flagship store as to online shoppers.

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