PDPAOLA is a Spanish jewelry brand created seven years ago by two brothers. Focused on contemporary jewelry design for the modern woman, PDPAOLA is a digital native brand that has recently opened its flagship store in Barcelona. In just seven years, the brand has grown rapidly and has earned the trust of celebrities and influencers from around the world, who have chosen to wear their jewels. Try Shopify for free to create your online store. Without credit card, easy and intuitive.  In order to manage online and in-store sales in a unified way.


PDPAOLA started using Shopify POS to integrate its physical and online sales. This allows PDPAOLA to offer the same incentives to visitors to the Barcelona flagship store as to online shoppers.In this section of our blog you will find all the information you Bahamas Phone Number need about Shopify Plus, and you will discover all the advantages of e-commerce for fast-growing companies like yours, success stories of other businesses that have already tried the Shopify Plus experience, in addition to a multitude of tools and ideal advice for the stage of entrepreneurship where you are currently.


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Shopify Plus is a robust and solid e-commerce platform dedicated to. Helping brands with high volumes of business that require specific customer service and technical features to further improve. Competitiveness in their industry.  If you Bold Data think your business is part of this group of high-growth companies, Shopify Plus has technical experts in ecommerce for companies to advise on purchase management, user experience, and security and privacy of your ecommerce.

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