Google Ads (formerly AdWords) have been at play in the marketing world since 2000. Since then, there have been a number of changes to both the online environment and in the way that marketers and businesses use Google Ads.


Going from a monthly subscription service managed completely by Google, to a self-managed campaign tool with enhanced measurement capabilities, Google Ads has evolved to be one of Google’s main revenue sources. It’s no surprise then that Google continues to enhance and improve Google Ads.


PayDay Loans Ban

Google is taking a step towards being an ethically conscious company, to ensure that their consumers are getting adequate information to make informed decisions. This focus includes seeing that financial Bosnia & Herzegovina Phone Number products and services with high interest and risky terms are banned from Google AdWords. Google has released guidelines on what ads will  disapprove under their advertising policies help page.


Google expanded text ads

To make your ads more prominent and increase their performance on mobile, Google also has introduced expanded text ads, as part of their move to create a cohesive experience across devices. Expanded text ads are now 2x longer than the original text ads, with a total of 140 characters, giving marketers and online gurus more space to create eye-catching and enticing ads online. Advertisers will also have access to two 30-character headlines, to make the whole ad more visible. The only thing to consider now is how to maximise the impact of your content in this space – will more really be better for your business?

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Yahoo Acquisition

We could not only be ‘Googling’ things but also ‘Verizoning’ or ‘Yahooing’ (which sounds much more fun). Verizon acquired AOL in 2015 and has more recently also Yahoo. Yahoo and AOL have over 25 brands in their portfolios. Which could put the company in a highly competitive position. In addition, as collectively, these brands have more unique visitors than Google and Facebook combined.

With the ever-changing online environment. Google and other online search engines are having to change on a regular basis. In addition, to stay ahead of the curve. For business owners, this means that there is a need to be on top of your game. Moreover, by having quality content and a cohesive online strategy. In addition, and being able to modify your online content to meet these changes.

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