As a company built around accessibility, we are constantly. Looking for ways to improve the user experience. Of our products by the same token, platforms and systems. For us, accessibility is both an external and internal commitment. We not only want to provide the highest quality accessibility solutions, but we also want to create an. Inclusive company culture and ensure that customers with disabilities can use our services with ease. These commitments may seem simple. But in reality, they require time, effort, and company-wide collaboration. Two by the same by the same token, token, years ago. We launched a major effort to improve our internal accessibility.

Through Corporate Culture Changes and Updates

To our account system we updated our account system. With three goals in mind: code maintainability user. Experience, and accessibility. Since designing Algeria Phone number for accessibility often improves the user experience for. Everyone, these goals were closely related. Check if your website is section 508 compliant we often write. About integrating accessibility into websites. But we were guilty of making our original account system not. Fully accessible to all customers. Rather than fixing inaccessible designs and code, we wanted to. Troubleshoot and implement access from the start. To ensure we built our account system with accessibility. Built in, we started our code from scratch and worked with a third-party vendor to release a voluntary. Product to say nothing of, accessibility  model (vpat) and perform an audit.

Accessibility According to the Web Content

Accessibility guidelines by the same token, (wcag) 2.1 (levels a aa). We are excited and proud to continue our journey to. Make accessibility a company-wide initiative. Read on to learn more about our new vpat and our. Commitment to internal accessibility. What is a vpat ? Checklist with vpat written on top a voluntary. Product accessibility model (vpat) is a document that evaluates the accessibility of a product in accordance. With section 508 of the united states rehabilitation act of 1973, as amended. Vpats help customers determine the accessibility of. Information and communications technology products such as. Software, hardware, electronic content. And support documentation when evaluating potential vendors. A vpat details all by the same token, aspects of section 508. Requirements and how a product supports each criteria.

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