The victory of the spanish tennis player rafael nadal. Was the opportunity for the brands that sponsor him. To carry out sports marketing on their social networks. Currently sports marketing has become one of the. Most millionaire industries in the world since there. Are many major sporting events that generate a huge. Number of audiences and sales rafael nadal became. The first player in history to reach twenty-one grand slam. Titles by beating russian daniil medvedev in an epic. Australian open final. With this victory the tennis. Player pocketed just over 2 million dollars. As the individual winner of the men’s tournament.

The Sports World Continues to Be Very Important

It can generate for various industries especially. Advertising sports marketing is one of the main allies of the. World’s most famous athletes and brands according. To specialists in the field sports marketing is a segmentation. Of marketing whose Laos B2B Listing main function is to generate. Business opportunities in the world of sports with. Marketing strategies that involve brands teams. Athletes equipment or personalities currently sports marketing. Has become one of the most millionaire industries in the. World since there are many major sporting events that generate. A huge number of audiences and sales an nfl event that. Registered in 2016 the value of a tv commercial. At 650 thousand dollars per second of exhibition.

Rafael Nadal’s Epic Victory and Profit for

Laos B2B Listing

Sports organizations are producers of entertainment. So today in their business management they are. Very focused on monetizing their social networks. Due to the importance of these platforms in people’s. Communication 00:14 / 00:35 as an example of this we. Have the recent victory of the spanish tennis player. Rafael nadal who became the first player in history. To reach twenty-one grand slam titles by beating. Russian daniil medvedev in an epic australian open final. The victory of the spaniard who has more than 15 million. Followers on twitter and more than 13 million on instagram. Surprised everyone since he had not won this tournament. Since 2009 and with which he pocketed just over 2 million.

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