The video format is one of the content most used by Internet users and, therefore, also one of the most demanded by brands. This can be seen in the increase in the investment they carry out, which is increasingly important. However, this trend has also been shown to be incomplete for advertisers, who do not know how long it takes to retain users’ attention in front of this content. This indicator is also very important for brands, because as the amount of time consumers have to be exposed to videos and online advertisements is reduced so that they are understood, memorized and retained, the less it will also be. the investment required to be made in this type of content. And greater doses of creativity.

In this sense, a recent investigation carried out by the company Strata has analyzed the perception that users have of this content, asking them directly about the question of the duration of the ads. Thus, for at least 50% of the interviewees, they must be exposed to online video content for at least two seconds for the advertising to be effective, that is: understood and assimilated. owever, despite the small number, companies should not be calm with the answer, since two out of five consumers, 20%, say that they do not need any amount of time to see ads, since they recognize skipping this content when He goes to watch a video.

For their part, consumers who did say they saw online video ads responded most of the time (three-quarters of those surveyed) that they needed the visibility of the video to be at least three seconds for it to result from their trust. A figure that is 50% above the standard recommended by the American Media Classification Council. These results may raise  Jamaica phone number list  doubts among advertisers, who are in the position to heed this report, with data from consumers themselves, or the analysis of specialized companies. In this sense, the main difference between the results of this research and the regulations of the advertising sector is that the official parameters are not sufficient for viewers to be able to identify the brand or products that are advertised through the advertisements.

In this sense, the MRC company maintains that the minimum amount of time for the consumption of ads, set autonomously, was never intended to become a real indicator of consumer perception, but rather that they established that amount as a “minimum threshold” so that viewers had the opportunity to see these contents.

In fact, several investigations confirm the results obtained by the Strata company and even increase them. This is the case of Virool, a company that has recently integrated facial recognition technology into its online video strategies, which establishes that in order to observe the emotions of users in front of an ad, it must be exposed for at least four seconds to such content.

The same opinion is defended by Real Eyes, whose CEO maintains that the first eight seconds of viewing a video are responsible for 20% of the total performance of an ad through this online content. On the contrary, this position is divergent from that held by Affectiva, an analysis company that indicates that certain physiological responses of users, from which conclusions can be drawn about their positive or negative perception of an advertisement, occur in the order of one to three seconds of such consumption.

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