At 3play media, we are proud to celebrate national. Family caregiver month (nfcm) in november. The nfcm is led by the caregiver. Action network and is an opportunity to raise awareness. Of caregiving issues, educate communities. And increase support for caregivers who are the main source. Of support for older people and people with. Disabilities in the united states family caregivers. And 3play media as many readers may know. An essential part of our innovative captioning process. Involves human contractors editing. Transcripts written by equally important, automatic speech recognition (asr). Technology some readers may not be aware that many.

Unpaid Individuals Who Help Others With Activities

Of daily living and medical tasks full-time work is not. An option for many with this in mind, caregivers due to caregiving. Obligations however UK Phone number contracting with 3play media. Offers flexible part-time employment weekly paychecks. And the ability to work from home precisely the type. Of work that many family caregivers need apply for a flexible. Part-time editing position ️ why 3play is better than other. Transcription jobs on average we pay our. Contractors three to four times more than other transcription. Companies 3play media contractors can unlock new types. Of jobs as they become by the same token, more powerful publishers. We have the best editing interface, according to our experienced. Contractors of our contractors are also family caregivers .

Our Video and Audio Quality Is Also Unmatched

By other be that as it may, transcription jobs the entrepreneurs. Forum allows entrepreneurs to connect with the community. Our contractor operations team is directly available. To assist all contractors the financial implications of. Caregiving the statistics for family caregivers in the. United states are staggering in 2020 around 53 million. People provided informal care compared to 43.5 million. Caregivers in 2015. Studies show that many caregivers. Report high emotional distress which can impact their emotional. And physical well-being and the quality. Of care for the recipient as the country continues to age. The need to support to the end that, caregivers will only become. More critical while first, second, third, the factors contributing to. Caregiver distress in like manner, are varied and nuanced.

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