Juan Sevillano Managing Director of Rocket Fuel Spain Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company If you asked us what aspects of 2014 could be highlighted in the Digital area, probably one of the main ones would be the advancement of programmatic buying in all areas of Marketing. If we focus on Real Time Bidding and go back to the numbers, eMarketer predicted that in 2014 the investment in programmatic advertising in the United States would exceed 10 billion dollars, which represents 45% of the total investment in online advertising in display format . In Spain I think I am not mistaken if I affirm that it could exceed 25% and almost approach 30%, compared to 17.5% in 2013, according to iab. The future of the industry inexorably passes through programmatic buying and in the coming years we will witness exponential growth. Marketing managers are increasingly aware of the advantages that the application of technology provides in this Bahrain WhatsApp number list   area and how it allows us to reach new audiences and improve the ROI of campaigns. The next step in this industry will be the expansion of programmatic purchasing to all areas of Marketing and the integration of all of them. More and more Marketing managers want to have applications that allow them to control all the activities they are developing and see how their messages are working, as well as know who their audience is and plan actions to be able to increase it and reach new customers. The use of this type of application will increase and it will do so hand in hand with a change of mentality in the measurement of Marketing actions. There is an increasingly generalized trend that is committed to measurement based on Attribution Funnel, that is, that takes into account all the stages and all the points of contact with the customer. Additionally, programmatic buying is no longer limited to Display. The rest of media such as Mobile, Social Networks or Video have experienced great growth that will increase in the coming years. It will also grow in emerging channels such as out of home advertising and television. Smart TV will be joined by directed television that, although it is not yet working in Spain, will surely end up reaching pay channels, as is already the case with cable television in the United States. With all these advances in new channels it is clear that cross channel strategies will prevail. Fraud has been one of the industry’s biggest headaches throughout the year. The famous “bots” have sown a certain distrust among advertisers that must be responded to with forceful measures. Throughout 2015 we will see how tools emerge that allow Marketing managers to verify that their messages appear on secure sites and that they are not subject to fraud. In addition, the industry will take joint action to end this practice and banish doubts once and for all. With all this, we will see how programmatic purchasing in general and RTB in particular continue to grow and achieve, how eMarketer anticipates, that in 2016 spending in the United States reaches 20,000 million dollars, that is, 63% of all investment on display and that worldwide, as predicted by IDC, programmatic advertising accounts for 65-75% of the total in 2017 worldwide. This is also confirmed by iab, who points out that in two years, 91% of advertisers and 83% of publishers expect to be using programmatic buying.

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