The celebrations of valentine’s day or valentine’s day. Is a festivity that marks the beginning of the great. Dates in the calendar signaling the end of the holida. Season and the january slope by various countries such as mexico chile. This celebration marks the beginning of a considerable. Economic reactivation, because according to data provided. By satitsta, on average each mexican. Spends approximately 868 pesos on gifts for these dates in. Addition to this economic spill, it is estimated that at least 86. Percent of the people in mexico celebrate this holiday. Which is why brands seek to join the digital conversation by. Promoting the holiday to put it differently, and encouraging consumption.

An Example of This Is the Tweet Launched by the

Netflix cm, which indicates as an illustration, an indirect very direct. To lovers however, this activation did not generate the. Expected result since internet users took the situation. Ironically demonstrating how funny the conversation Croatia B2B listings on networks is sometimes. For many countries, the valentine’s day party is synonymous with. Romance and friendship, an example of this is the growing number. Of latin americans who celebrate this date, with mexico being. The main one since it registered that just over 80. Percent of its population celebrates said party. And who is followed by chileans. Registering 75 percent netflix’s cm throws indirect to lovers. The netflix streaming content platform continues. To be the most popular among consumers today.

Since It Is Estimated That Worldwide

Croatia B2B listings

And during the last quarter of 2020 the platform had. At least 139 million subscribers which is why that within. The popular conversation I know I generate a kind. Of “Joke” among the network community which uses the. Invitation of “Let’s see netflix” as a suggestive invitation. A situation that sought to take advantage of the cm of the. Streaming platform from the account netflix official. Causing a complicated conversation due to the irony. With which users took the initiative the comment posted. On networks by the cm of the streaming platform generated. Certain comments, demonstrating how dangerous it is sometimes. To have a conversation on networks, since a tweeter. Took the initiative with irony and declared I did not understand. He invites you to watch netflix and end up watching amazon.

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