Getting a universal name is problematic. As companies are faced with the variety. Of languages ​​used by consumers. Brands choose to adopt the names by which. Users refer to them trends in social networks are. Used by brands to organically generate. Connections with consumers the global environment. One of the best uses that internet users have given to social networks. Is the trend segment these tend to be replicated. By both creatives and brands with the intention. Of generating general conversation within the network. Causing internet users associate companies with. A feeling of happiness generating an organic connection.

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Strategies generates links with the community. As demonstrated by the netflix cm when following. A trend on twitter in which users exposed. Their names and Canada Business Fax List how people ended up telling them. Within the internet the exposure of brands to communities. Immersed in the network entails a series of benefits. Being that it is thanks to this communication model that today. As never before physical limitations were delegated. Allowing a global impact on in a matter of seconds. It is estimated that approximately 56 percent of the population. Has access to one of the digital platforms. Or social networks which suggests that sometimes. Communication can be interrupted. And does not have an adequate impact.

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Users often refer to for this reason, different brands differently. In part because users speak different languages. 00:05  00:15 00:12 00:15 the use of a good name. Companies generally seek to unify the nimbe with which. Consumers search for them however. As mentioned above language plays a fundamental role. It is for them that depending on the region. And country and clearly the language brands. They seek to adapt to these with the premise of. Generating a good reputation and positioning within. The market although creating a good universal name. Is not always an easy task since brands can fall into a problem. Of obviousness and not specify efficiently. With the region to put it another way, in which it seeks to impact.

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