The main digital marketing strategy does not go beyond the creation of a presence through the web, adaptation to mobile and social networks More than half of Spanish companies recognize that their digital marketing strategy is only focused on creating an online presence through the web, mobile sites and social networks, to distribute their own content. These are data from the latest survey conducted by Prodware on digital maturity, among attendees of the annual online marketing and digital advertising show, OMExpo, held recently.

Sitecore, a leading company in customer experience management (CXM) solutions, establishes different levels of maturity based on the organization’s digital strategy and practice. A degree of digital maturity that is  New Zealand phone number list  directly related to the customer experience. According to this criterion, and according to the results obtained in the Prodware survey, more than half of the Spanish companies are between levels 1 and 2 of the 7 defined.

Faced with this situation, the Prodware company has determined the main challenges that Spanish companies have to face in order to optimize digital marketing strategies and adapt to the new consumer: The customization comes as one of the most effective means for companies to guide the content of digital channels to the interests and preferences of users. Only 10% of the companies surveyed admit to offering a personalized digital experience.

It is necessary for companies to adopt mobility strategies for their digital assets and thus be able to engage with consumers to meet their needs. Still 46% of companies have not taken the step and have adapted to multi-device environments.

The measurement should be part of the digital marketing strategy. Having analysis tools will allow not only to know the customer journey, but also to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing actions. There are still companies that do not measure their digital results in a specific way (11%).

The involvement of the Management in the development of the business in digital channels is key to advance in the digital marketing strategy. 38% of those surveyed recognize that their Management is highly involved, 33% value that their involvement is medium, and the rest (29%), low.

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