Giana was in her local pharmacy trying to figure. Out why two brands of the same type of treatment. Differed by $15 in price the more expensive. Option comes in a smaller tube, not less I thought there. Had to be a difference she recalls. So she pulled out her smartphone and searched for. Product reviews, right there in the aisle. Of the store she ended up opting for the highest rated but most. Expensive product looking back giana. Realizes that if she hadn’t had her smartphone. She probably would have bought the cheapest one.

Erica Was at the Airport Killing Time Before a Flight

When she looked for a mortgage calculator. She wanted to know if she and her husband could really. Afford a new house that first smartphone. Search led to many UAE Phone number other stolen moments throughout her day. As she researched the purchase step by step. Being able to do it in the moment makes it more fun and less. Intimidating says erica. I can space it out throughout my day for today’s constantly. Connected consumers shopping never sleeps. Whether we need to make an everyday purchase or search. For a big-ticket item we instinctively turn. To our devices it happens in hundreds of micro. Moments throughout the day when we make. Purchasing decisions which is the best choice.

Can I Afford to Buy This Is It Worth It

UAE Phone Number List

These moments when I want to buy are important. Moments for consumers and essential for brands. These are opportunities to connect especially. On mobile 93% of people who use a mobile device. To conduct research make a purchase. 1mobile the new shopping assistant we don’t go to a store. Without our wallets many of us say the same. About our smartphones in-store 82% of smartphone users. Turn to their devices to help them make a product. Decision 2 what they find online can influence their decisions. Until the very last minute before a purchase. After reading something on a smartphone nearly one. In four shoppers changed their mind about. Buying something while in the checkout line.

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