The Ideology of Innovation, Finally, Is Also Close to Another Contemporary Trend in Reference to Technology. The Technological Imperative (In English, Technological Fix ). The Technological Imperative Is to Think That the Solution to Any Social Problem – from the. Loneliness of the Elderly, the Diminishing Habit of Reading Among Children or. Hunger and Malnutrition – Must Be Found in Technology. Even When the Problem in Question Is the Result of the Negative Consequences of a Previous. Technological Innovation, It Is Thought That Its Solution Must Come from Future. Technological Innovations.

In other words, It Is Well Known, for Example, That Current Climate Change Has Been Largely  by Artificial Co2 Emissions from Those Technologies That Consume Fossil Fuels. from the Technological Imperative, the Solution Should Not Be the Drastic Reduction of These Emissions, But, for Example, the Design and Construction of. In other words, Giant Mirrors That, Orbiting the Earth, Can Reflect Some of the Light That Comes to Us from the Sun. and Thusthe Greenhouse Effect – There Is Currently, in Fact, a Whole Line of Research Projects in This Line Under the Name of Solar Radiation Management .

Also Sometimes Called Technological

The Technological Imperative,Solutionism, Is Currently Experiencing a Renewed Effervescence Around the Internet and Ict. Evgeny Morozov Is One of the Leading Critics of Canada Phone Number List Technological Solutionism Around What He. Calls Internet-Centrism: the Tendency to Reduce the Complexity of All Social Problems. In other words, or to ClearlY and Problems That Can Be in. Computational Terms. or Well to Transparent and Self-Evident Processes. That Can Be with Algorithms  in Mobile Devices.the Living. Conditions of Its Inhabitants) and the. Effective Consequences on the Population Residing There. in the Process.


In other words, That We Could Define as the Colonization of the Raval District of Barcelona, ​​There Is a Continuity from the. Eighties of the Last Twentieth Century to the Present Day That Can Be. Successive “Progressive” Municipal Governments Have Justified the. Destruction of Thousands of Homes in the Name of the Well-Being of New. Residents with More Economic or Cultural Capital. and So They Have Legitimized a. Even in the Darkest Times of the Barcelona Oligarchy Protected by Franco’s Explicit Fascist Government,

Policy Of Destruction That

In other words, They Would Have Dreamed of Doing: Trying to Stone an Irredeemable Neighborhood, Its People, Its Culture, the Memory of His Disobedience and to Raise on His Ashes a New World, Perfect, Ideal, of Universal Middle Classes, Harmonious, Homogeneous And, Above All, Solicitous and Submissive ” Miquel Fernández González, Sociologist, Anthropologist, Is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Uab) and a Member of the Isor Research Group at the Same University. Gonzalez, M. (2014). Killing Chinese: Between the

Zygmunt Bauman ,In other words,  one of the world’s most famous and recognized contemporary sociologists , died yesterday, January 9th . Born in Poland in 1925, of Jewish origin, during the last two decades of his life he. World fame, especially as a result of his conceptualization of “liquid modernity”. In the framework of the study of modernity. , postmodernity and globalization. Q Consumerism, among others. As a good sociologist, his work transcends. The strict and academic frontiers of sociology to mingle with history, philosophy.

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