The app generates a ranking with the artists bands. Genres and songs most listened to by users on an annual basis. Music streaming platforms have become one. Of the most relevant bets among consumers. With the digital application spotify being the favorite. Of mexicans since it is estimated that the app presented. A growth of 5 percent by the end of the previous year. That is to say that within its free sector it registered a user base of more than 220 million users. While active users reached an approximate figure of 381 million. Which represents an increase of 4 percent in terms. Of years where 365 million users were registered.

Music Plays a Fundamental Role in Millions of Users as Has

Been shown, whether they consume it through. Bluetooth speakers or using misik’s mh600 hi-fi. Headphones for a more personal enjoyment. Since its foundation in 2066, the streaming music app has. Known how to stay Namibia WhatsApp Number List within user preferences generating. Various user experiences such as personalized. Playlists and temporary records of user tastes. And preferences as well as a ranking of what as heard by. Region artist and musical genre within the latter. The app annually produces a study of the most listened to by. Users within this study a ranking is shown where. The five artists most listened to by mexicans are. Exhibited as well as the five artists most. Listened to by the users of the digital platform.

The 5 Most Listened to Mexican Artists on Spotify

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The ranking point often overlooked, released on january 1. Shows the musical tastes that were maintained. Throughout the year 2021 and shows which are the. Mexicans that were most listened to. Placing band and group music artists. Among the favorites getting 4. Of the 5 difficult positions since the ranking. Is governed as follows: christian nodal luis miguel ms band by sergio. Lizárraga firm group 50 caliber 00:00 / 00:15 00:08 / 00:15 now. Read: “old tasty” soriana wins over a consumer. For these creative cakes for valentine’s day qualifies. Walmart’s e-commerce service as bad. Train your employees where are your golden rules. Ricardo salinas warns about fake facebook account. With his name they try to scam my followers. New 4dx experience in galletas marías by this foreign body.

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