The moment belongs to a recording fragment within. The new netflix documentary focused on the life of the model’s wife. Georgina rodríguez. Netflix’s cm revealed that the image. Belongs to a scene from the series I’m georgina. The official page of the national election shared the image. Generating debate in the comments fans of the tri de méxico. Celebrated the comical situation exposed on the social. Network twitter the community in social networks is extremely. Active and in general they never forgive or let anything go. It also offers an incomparable possibility over. Any other means of communication since it is in these. That when the information is displayed.

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It is estimated that approximately 84.5 million. Pesos are found on the internet that is why that events like the. One that is presented where the North Korea B2B List son of cr7 wears a shirt. Of the mexican team, do not go unnoticed netflix decided. To launch after months of waiting the documentary series. Soy georgina starring georgina rodríguez model. Businesswoman and current partner of cristiano ronaldo. This documentary series shows in each episode the daily. Life that georgina, formed with the player cr7. This documentary aims to reveal the intimate life that the model formed with. One of the most important soccer players. Of the last decade and their four children.

It Is Within One of These Chapters That

North Korea B2B List

This within the episode entitled family travel and work this. Being the third episode of the series 00:05 00:15 00:11 / 00:15. Son of cr7 wears a shirt of the mexican team within the episode. You can hear the voice of the protagonist saying the days that. There is no ‘school’ I try to get an extra tutor to come in. The mornings to stimulate the children so. I have time to train. A teacher comes to give (cristiano). Junior private lessons to help him with his homework. While you can see at different times the. Firstborn of the portuguese soccer player. Wearing the shirt of the mexican national team.

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