David Sandoval is currently the Executive Director of Esencial Marketing, a service agency … IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company We know more and more about the average value of the main metrics associated with lead generation actions within the B2C organization segment. Today the values ​​that are accepted as “normal” relative to Display Ads campaigns oriented to CPC, CPL and even the always complicated CPA are well known. We also know more about the average cost of registration and co-registration within affiliate campaigns or the open and conversion rate in emailing campaigns. But, what happens with the metrics associated with lead generation in the segment of organizations with B2B businesses? These types of companies have traditionally been using offline marketing techniques, almost exclusively, to generate their leads.

The boom in online marketing, the greater penetration of social networks in the corporate world and the importance of organic positioning in search engines, have led companies to currently use mixed techniques (On / Off) to generate leads among their prospects. Below I detail some of the most effective techniques as well as the average KPIs that are being achieved. The emailing aimed at generic emails are reaching open rates around 1-2%. Of these, the click through rate to the landing page does not  Egypt WhatsApp Number List  reach 15% and the conversion rate into real leads, of those who access the landing page, does not exceed 5%. However, these values ​​increase considerably if the emailing is directed to the personal emails of the interlocutors (key decisors). In this case, the open rate exceeds 40%. The click through rate to the landing reaches 25% and of these, 13% request more information through the landing call to action. Logically, these ratios will largely depend on the positioning of the company, creativity associated with the campaign, type of solution and selected target.

The second most used technique to prospect target markets and achieve qualified leads is specialized telemarketing , alone or accompanied by email marketing. In the more than 50 projects carried out in Esencial Marketing during 2014, this technique has achieved conversion rates (detection of interest and closing of business meetings) of between 5 to 9% of the total number of companies surveyed. In this case, the quality of the leads exceeds those generated through emailing. In addition, the TCV (total contract value) is usually much higher. Above € 15,000 on average per transaction. The third technique, which is increasingly used by companies to generate leads, is that of generating business-oriented content . These contents that are exposed on the company’s website, corporate blog or social channels, are part of what is called inbound marketing strategy, which seeks to increase the notoriety of the company’s products / services and facilitate the potential client is the one who seeks, finds, expands and requests information about them. However, despite the bright prospects for 2015, the truth is that only 10% of the leads obtained in a company come as a result of this marketing activity. The remaining actions associated with the generation of leads are mainly Off-line, among them, the attendance to fairs, the organization of events or those directly associated with commercial activity stand out. But these are more difficult to quantify and their ROI is associated with other variables.

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