Digital marketing increases its importance year after year, and we can not only see it in the part of the budget that is allocated to this item (77% of companies plan to increase spending on digital marketing), but also in the time that they marketers target online actions. According to the data collected in the infographic made from a report from Smart Insights, eCommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing and Advertising, marketers already spend 60% of their time on digital channels. But the relevance of digital marketing is not accompanied, or not enough, by greater experience and expertise in these issues, and 63% of those surveyed believe that finding marketers with sufficient digital skills is something difficult or very complicated.

And it is not easy to find a marketing team that masters all digital tools, something that only happens in 9% of cases. In the vast majority (54%) the marketers surveyed explained that their team mastered some tools, but needed to improve on others. 15% had difficulty with most or all areas of digital marketing. They were also asked to evaluate their  Azerbaijan Phone Number List   level in 20 different activities of digital marketing, and those that seem most “outperformed” by the majority of companies were digital strategy (52% of those surveyed claimed to dominate this area), the service of customer service (48%), social networks (45%), content marketing (43%) or email marketing (42%).

Which ones were the most challenging? Influencer marketing and public relations (only 26% felt they controlled it), graphic design (another 26%), web development (22%), mobile marketing (21%), and affiliate marketing (13%). In a different study, Moz and Fractl analyzed various job offers related to digital marketing to find out who were the most in-demand professionals and what was required of each of them. Thus, the most common role was that of digital marketing manager, who had to master fields such as social media, SEO, google analytics or pay-per-click advertising. Well, basically, in those in which they were more fish. That is, affiliate marketing (40% of those surveyed would like to increase this capacity) and mobile marketing (39%). Below that would be other essential areas such as digital strategy, SEO, data analysis, multi-channel campaigns or pay per click.

It is clear that marketers are aware of the importance of improving their digital skills, but … are companies doing something to help them improve? It seems that support for free learning is high, as well as for subscription online courses, probably because those with a certain balance between time and money spent and results are considered. Attendance to face-to-face courses is very little supported by companies. According to 77% of marketers surveyed, they should establish a well-planned approach to digital marketing based on data analysis and continuous optimization. In addition, 75% consider that a culture should be built that encourages constant improvement of skills and 51% that a budget is needed to invest in staff development.

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