Recently, I watche a video of a famous popular science up master about planning routes with El Salvador Phone Number navigation software, which mentione a stalk. In Berlin, Germany,  an artist name Simon Freckert pushe a small cart with 99 An Android phone “paralyze” a street on El Salvador Phone Number Google Maps, causing many drivers to take a detour. How did he do it? Judging from Google Maps, as long as Frecter goes, the road behind him is a re congestion line, which will make many drivers and even Google Maps mistakenly think that this road is very congeste. In fact, whether it is domestic Baidu map, AutoNavi map, or overseas google map and waze, when planning routes and navigation point-to-point, the current and future road congestion, traffic incidents and traffic restrictions will be taken into account.

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Real-time road conditions are collecte from data reporte by GPS-equippe devices (that is El Salvador Phone Number , users of map products), and are calculated base on road matching using big data. The authenticity of real El Salvador Phone Number -time road conditions directly affects the user experience of map products and the product’s path planning and El Salvador Phone Number  navigation capabilities. In the above situation, it is not enough to simply collect and present real-time road conditions. It is also necessary to have a deep understanding of pedestrians and. Vehicles. , the scenes of traffic participants such as driving and resting states, and judge the authenticity of the data. Just recently, I was working on road condition products. I used this article to review the road condition authenticity judgment strategy. And summarize the working method of the strategy product.

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El Salvador Phone Number List

Therefore, this article first introduces the commonly used traffic road condition. Judgment methods and the actual operation in the project, and then summarizes. El Salvador Phone Numbers the strategy product work method. 1. Road congestion The ways that major map manufacturers collect real-time road conditions are as follows: 1. Traffic sensors and cameras El Salvador Phone Numbers  As of 2009. Google collecte data from traffic sensors and cameras on the road. These devices use lidar or active infrared technology to detect the overall spee of traffic. Movement by looking at the overall size and spee of the car. Government transportation departments and some businesses will be on major roads. These devices are installe on the server, and then the data is aggregate to the server and update regularly.

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