Brands that interact with each other on social. Networks manage to generate a good image reception. By users. The community managers of netflix and spotify. Chose to carry out a joint strategy on social. Networks for advertising purposes. “Declaring their love” nowadays social. Networks are of vital importance in terms of the presence of brands. In the digital world due to the endless opportunities. That these spaces represent. According to the digital 2022 study carried. Out jointly by we are social and hootsuite there. Are currently 4.62 billion users connected to social. Networks worldwide representing a considerable. Growth of 10 percent. Compared to last year (424 million of new users).

That Is to Say That Now 58 Percent of the World

The high presence in social networks meant. That brands had to go to professionals in this digital world. Who were capable of managing their respective. Communities the community managers. Constantly making posts there are some actions. That these Peru WhatsApp Number List professionals should and should not do to achieve. An effective image reception by users and. In this way. Boost their presence in the digital field. A survey carried out by sprout social which. Shows the actions that positively and negatively affect the image. Of a brand in social networks shows. That 83 percent of users think that it is. Okay to answer questions and 68 percent. See it as good that these “Intervene” in conversations.

While 67 Percent Believe That It Is Wrong for

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To laugh at the competition among other actions. Proven to be well received by users the positive interaction. Between brands spotify and netflix “Declare their love”. And do joint promotion the community managers. Of netflix latin america and spotify mexico. Have chosen to launch a type of joint strategy. On social networks since they. Made a “90 percent match” and created a. Playlist that their followers could enjoy. Said as has been noted, spotify playlist shows users a series of songs from the new. Season of the umbrella academy. The netflix original series a promotional strategy that proved. To be well received by users; however.

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