What are we looking for on the internet? As shown by the fact that there are multiple sites related to these things, one of the recurring themes that are sought on the net is the answer to more or less existential questions related to day-to-day life. How to change a light bulb or how to find out if you are being the victim of a spring allergy attack. But all those doubts and questions that Google answers quickly is not the only thing that is sought, nor is it the only thing that achieves large interest rates and that, therefore, has a potential application in the marketing strategy of companies.

One of the things that consumers continually look for and stand out in search engines are services and products that they can find close to where they are. The hours of the corner store, the telephone number of the restaurant X where they want to reserve a table, where can there be a carpenter to fix that table, what are the pharmacies that are open 24 hours? You just have to think about the things that each of you have found and have searched Google in recent weeks to find a long series of examples that fit this type of content.

Consumers are using online search tools to find local information: their search objects are the immediate things, what they have near them. Search engines have become the intermediary between consumers and the corner business.

This has made the reality of how we consume and, above all, how brands manage to reach those consumers slightly different. A powerful method to reach the consumer has appeared in the equation: it is local marketing, which for some is the great cover of online advertising. There is a lot of talk about social networks, data prospecting to get information  Malta phone number list   from a specific target, segmentations that cross parallel databases? But in addition to all this, there is the fact that consumers are in specific geographical locations and that they have interests related to the specific spaces in which they are.

Consumers also perform many searches related to information and items for local consumption. According to data from Google Think Insights, 80% of consumers carry out this type of search. This high search index also has a translation in business terms: these searches directly influence purchasing decisions.

In addition, consumers have begun to always be accompanied by their mobile terminals, which means that they always have a tool at all times to be able to access the information offered by the Internet and to check from their terminals what they are trying to do or consume. Who has not taken out their smartphone in the last few months to locate that exact business they are looking for or to find a suggestion that will lead them to what they are interested in buying? According to a study by the Local Search Association, the majority of local searches are already carried out from mobile terminals.

Therefore, consumers are there and the local is a master key to reach them. Brands have to take advantage of this reality, especially smaller firms with a more restricted scope, which will thus have an opportunity to stand out from large corporations when, in addition, consumers need them the most. The forecasts on local marketing are, on the other hand, very optimistic. The giants of online advertising are, in fact, betting more and more on this reality and firms such as Facebook or Google are honing their claws in this field. In the case of Google, the company has not only been evangelizing the importance of the local and of searches (you just have to take a look at who is behind many of the reports and studies that analyze the weight of the local ) but has created specific advertising formats for the local. Google Maps has been supporting ads in its app for a few years now and they have been growing steadily since they first appeared. Its growth is one more sign of the growing interest of the local.

Facebook is also not the only company that is working to reposition itself in the local market. The case of Foursquare is a perfect example that serves to see how the great players of online advertising are sharpening their claws in this field and how companies specialized in geolocation are becoming a kind of new candy

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