to the problems posed to us by the world.  of experience difficult, if not impossible. Just as we begin to get used to a new social context, when we begin to “learn” how to deal with new realities — they have already begun to change! Digital technology would be the culmination of this situation. Let’s look at some of the consequences of liquid society. 1. The rapid dissolution of heritage or cultural heritage prevents us from predicting future trends and adapting or adjusting our behavior to the future. Thus, it also makes sense to speak, with another metaphor of success (that of Ulrich Beck), of risk society.

Our routines, if we produce any, are soon obsolete and do not fulfill their function of helping us reduce complexity and make wise decisions (in the sense of acting in one direction or another). There are more and more (life) options before us, more and more choices. The likelihood of making a mistake increases due to the lack of habits in which to strengthen our action. 2. . Liquid life is lived in conditions of constant uncertainty because, as we have said, the repositories of meaning of our social action (institutions) have been emptied and we must be constantly adopting biographical solutions

Precariousness Of Liquid Life

(personal, individual) to the which comes to us, which as a rule are not personal but social and systemic problems, as Bauman likes to emphasize. 3. Liquid life is a succession of new Australia Phone Number List Beginnings. This is also a characteristic, according to Bauman, of the consumer society: a life marked by the possibility of new beginnings. And as a result, a life marked by numerous, brief and painless endings. For example, ending the multiple relationships (emotional, erotic, professional, playful, etc.) that take place throughout life is one of the biggest challenges we face and, in Bauman’s view, one of our biggest concerns. It is more.


difficult for us to get rid of things than to buy new ones, hence, says our author, that there are so many experts in relationships. 4. One consequence of what we have just said is the production of waste. Liquid life produces a lot of waste and it is key for our survival (as individuals and as a society) to know how to dispose of it. It is very important not to be part of this waste or leftover products (in the workplace, in personal relationships… in short,. We speak in terms of “creative elimination,” but the result, says Bauman, is that we are taking on forms of life and, after all, the beings who practice.

In The Consumer Society

them. On this subject, I refer to the idea-metaphor of “leftover lives” or “human waste” (as a critique, of course, of consumerism). Another consequence of this is that we must constantly reinvent ourselves as objects of consumption (and therefore of desire). 5. Liquid life has no rest. Life cannot stop, slow down. There are those who refer to it as modernization, growth, innovation. [More and more reflections are warning us of the dangers of this “acceleration”. I am referring to only two: – Byung-Chul Han (2016) The aroma of time. A philosophical essay on the art of lingering. Barcelona: Herder. – Hartmut Pink

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