Technological innovations are created and promoted. With the firm intention of facilitating and improving. Lifestyles this initiative promotes daily discoveries. And the announcement of new devices which can be used. For daily social life however the usual ones do not always. Make the best use of the available technology since sometimes. An action can be embezzled due to a lack of communication. By giving the new technology a different intention than. That which was intended an example of this is exposed. In networks where a user accuses his. Wife of placing an apple airtag inside his truck.

Causing Confusion and Loss of Confidence

Providing the opportunity to play a joke to make him. See the annoyance that this action caused the user. Shared a video from his personal President Email List facebook account. Where he comments that he noticed the apple device. Created to track the affected person be came. Aware of the situation when he went to a workshop due to a. Mechanical failure, where he found the device. This action caused in the first action the laughter of the. Affected person however it was for this very reason. That he decided to play a prank on her and appeal against the. Oyalty and trust of the relationship within the.

Since in Comments the Conversation Has

President Email List

Polarized between those who defend women and those. Who criticize him for his improper use of technology. 00:00 / 01:01 00:03 / 01:01 users point out risks of apple’s. Air tag the conversation on networks as a result of the. Video presented has polarized since it is possible to observe. How various internet users defend the action of women. While there are those who comment that apple’s technology. Was dealt with in the wrong way. However for the most part, an atmosphere of comic irony. Has been maintained as evidenced by the comment posted by an internet. User who points out “very nice and all the reflection. Causing a comical and hilarious situation.

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