In the past week, funds should be regarde as the top trend among the hot topics; various design groups  Jamaica Phone Number alumni groups, goods delivery groups, and ski groups on WeChat are full of mourning of shrinking Jamaica Phone Number wealth. At this time, everyone began to discuss the question of whether various fund investment APPs are useful or not. Take some time today to talk about the fund details page design of the three apps, China Merchants Bank, Ant Fortune, and Tiantian Fund. Talking about the fund, it is better to talk about the design of the fund The details page of a fund product is generally base on the first-level modules such as the overview of a fund, intraday market conditions, historical data, positions, fund manager introduction, fund files, trading rules, etc., to “objectively package” the fund.

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The information of the first-level module contains many levels of information. Each APP has Jamaica Phone Number independent thinking about whether the same secondary information is expose in the first-level module of the Jamaica Phone Number details page, which largely determines the distribution of information. and reach efficiency. Why emphasize “objective packaging”, because whether you see it or not, the information is there, and the order in which the information is expose directly Jamaica Phone Number affects the user’s perception of the fund. It’s as if we know a person. If we just look at his outfit, temperament, and posture, we may think that he is an artist. But if you cover your eyes first and

Which Largely Determines Jamaica Phone Number

Jamaica Phone Number List
Jamaica Phone Number List

The overall look and feel is comfortable, and there is no visual anxiety cause by too high. Jamaica Phone Numbers information density. The use of color is very restraine, and there is a lot of white space; the paragraph structure Jamaica Phone Numbers is clear, the text level and contrast are clear. Which is convenient for information retrieval, but. The segmente layout is a bit old fashion. Talking about the fund, it is better to talk about the design of the fund Fund overview. On the basis of intraday fluctuations and the latest net value. The rate of return for the past 1 year is supplemente. It may be considere that after entering the details page, the market module will default to

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