Perhaps a strange perversion causes me to often seek the opposite of the obvious. Contributing to this confusion is the ambiguity of words which once they seal a concept make it ambiguous. I had and still have problems with the word selfishness as it can be attributed to the best and the worst. But I am much more confused in front of words like selfsacrifice offering selfdenial. Accept as the content of selfishness the satisfaction of our needs and desires I do not see why such an attitude. Completely reconciled with our nature should be stigmatized when it does not necessarily mean. The exclusion or annihilation of third parties and even less of the neighbor. This search for satisfaction is after all a duty towards ourselves. In simpler terms I tend to believe that only a satisfied ego can give while a deprived ego actually tries to extract much more than it claims to give.

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Meaningful giving is intertwined with the joy it brings to the offerer. Otherwise it is nothing more than an attempt to trick fate and reality. The dispossessed gives without joy with a sense of retribution balance or even revenge. And usually this offer even if it is sincere drags everyone Remove Background Image into deeper deprivation. The daily practice of human relations where everyone friends and families benevolently. Torture everyone because they think they are giving in good faith without first taking care to meet the selfish needs of their own lives. No one can love unless he first loves himself no one can give joy unless he first gives it to himself. The effort to make the lives of others better begins with a better life of your own. Otherwise you are doing nothing but burdening the other person with your hidden bitterness.

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This text is an example of authoritarianism and bureaucracy and a classic example of an antiartistic approach. Commenting even epigrammatically on this finding will occupy. The column for a total of three consecutive weeks on the same day. First the style And this as it is developed Bold Data in the said text does not suit matters. Artistic sensibility such as those that make up its content but rather oldparty manifestos of bureaucratic organization. Images of a rusty past. The aim of the conclusion is to create a suffocating grid of arrangements which photograph both the future regulators. The finding institutes no less than four photography centers with related or identical objectives which will employ initially. More than people appointed directly or indirectly by the respective Minister of Culture.

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