Without even having overcome the Christmas hangover, marketing professionals begin to work on what will be our communication actions for the sales period and there is no better way to do it, if we want to start the year on the right foot, than with a successful campaign. On comes out. It is also one of the most important campaigns of the year since it Belgium Phone Number List  generates a large part of the company’s annual profits. Throughout this period, millions of emails and SMS will be sent, to which we will have to add all the push notifications, advertisements, banners, etc.

Furthermore, we are not alone. The competition is fierce in this period. This fact, together with the volume of communications that each of our users receives, makes the planning of our sales campaigns more Belgium Phone Number List  than necessary to be able to add value and coherence, as well as to differentiate ourselves from our competition, develop an effective campaign and , therefore, increase sales.

One of the greatest advantages of the online channel is that it provides us with a lot of information about our users. Let’s use it! Let’s see and analyze what actions we have taken in the past so as not to Belgium Phone Number List  make the same mistakes and repeat, on the contrary, those strategies that worked, increasing those past successes. In addition to the information on the campaigns in general, we have the behavioral data of each of our users, which allows us to know what they want and what they are looking for.

This list of the main points to take into account with recommendations to follow so that the sales campaign is a real success will be especially useful Personalization: Personalization goes beyond putting the  Belgium Phone Number List  name of our users in the mail or the different communications. Personalizing means sending each of them what they want when they want it. This requires knowing where you are in the life cycle to adapt to it and offer you what you are really looking for.
Consistency: We must take advantage of all the channels that we have at our disposal and be aware of what we are communicating in each of them so that the message that the user receives is always consistent and enjoys a unique experience and perception of our brand. Segmentation: Directly linked to personalization, the segmentation of our campaigns is essential. In addition to the usual demographic or geographic segmentations, we can make segmentations to reward those users most loyal to the brand with exclusive or targeted offers to reactivate those who have not converted for a long time.
Differentiation: We have to be original to attract the attention of our users. We must take special care in the selection of the subjects since they are our business card and it is a key factor that depends on whether or not the user opens the message. Once the important thing is open, the content is the important thing so that the consumer is interested, visit the web and convert. For the content to achieve these objectives, we can use dynamic elements that call to action and generate urgency such as gifs, videos, countdowns, etc.
Real-time action: Presenting the right offer at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. By adapting the email at the time of opening we can increase our click-through rate and with it the chances of converting. We also have to be able to adapt the web based on the users’ browsing profile, their behavior on the rest of the channels and the demographic data to, in this way, offer individualized content that increases the conversion rates.
Reputation: The balance between quantity and quality is crucial. It is normal that we want our sleeping users to buy from us and what better way to attract them than with a juicy discount, but it must be done with knowledge, care and without jeopardizing our hard-earned reputation.
After sales: The sales season is a period in which our sales objective is short-term, but we should not give a bad service for that. We want the customer to repeat and, therefore, it is crucial to offer the best service before, during and after.

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