Of the third sonic movie and its first. Live-action series for paramount the premiere. Of the second sonic tape is planned. For april 2 in mexican theaters. Sonic will have a third part and an animated. Series inspired by knuckles. The new appointment of the sonic cinematic. Universe soon to be released contains elements. Of the classic video games of the blue hedgehog. Since the development of the sonic film universe. Pet hedgehog are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the. New film generally speaking, developed by paramount pictures and sega corporation.

Due to Certain Design Issues That Did Not Finish to Fascinate Fans

With the great promise being the integration of. Elements related to the gaming universe. Of the blue taking the film to a new level. For this reason and after the great expectation generated. In the last hours it has been announced that sonic. Will have a third movie Pakistan WhatsApp Number List and an animated series. Which will be inspired by knuckles. Known several days before the second part arrives in theaters. A bet that generally speaking, internet users point out as risky. Since there is no complete perspective of public acceptance.

But in Addition to Announcing the Creation

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Starring knuckles being idris.  Elba all things considered, who will bring him to life. Nthird sonic movie and its first live-action series. For paramount said haruki satomi ceo. Of sega corporation regarding the expansion of the sonic. Cinematic universe our relationship with paramount. Is excellent and we are excited to continue expanding. The sonic the hedgehog universe with them. 2022 will be a very significant year for the franchise. Thanks to the premiere in april of the second. Film and the arrival at the end of the year of sonic frontiers.

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