Superzoom with Instagram

Instagram has introduced a new effect for videos, following the success of the Boomerang. Dramatic zooms can now applie automatically, by clicking on Superzoom. This icon can found next to the Boomerang.


Long pressing the shutter button will create a dramatic zoom using either the rear or front camera; otherwise, you can create a 3-second video by tapping the shutter button. Sound effects can also be added. Once you’ve created a Superzoom, it can be added to your Instagram story.


Google AdWords’ New Shopping Ad Displays Collections of Products

Google has brought out Showcase Shopping ads, which allows El-Salvador Phone Number advertisers to piece together a selection of products to be showcased in the same ad. This gives businesses the opportunity to promote and sell more products, and customers will find it easier to shop for related items.


Reply to Messages Quickly with LinkedIn’s New Smart Replies

The professional networking site has introduced ‘smart replies’ to its messaging platform, to help users reply to messages without the fuss of typing them out. LinkedIn says that failing to reply to messages could result in missed opportunities, which is why they’ve brought in a time-saving method.

Smart replies are suggest response you can send with an easy tap. However, note the word ‘smart’. LinkedIn will suggest at least three replies for every message received.

This feature is available worldwide to English users on the LinkedIn mobile app and desktop site.


Share Links to Third-Party Apps with Snapchat on iOS

Previously only available on Android devices, now iOS users too can share links to Snapchat. When you’re viewing content in another app, now you’ll find Snapchat as one of the apps to share to. The link can then share as a private message to your friend(s) in mind.

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