Although it may seem like a classic topic, content is now more than ever the king, and the main factor for search engine positioning. This has been crowned by the new study carried out by SearchMetrics, where the determining elements that influence SEO are analyzed annually. The report published this year stands out as being more complete than that of previous years. For this, more than 100 pages have been analyzed, incorporating new determining factors, such as the time spent on the page, the bounce rate or the existence of new links.

According to their conclusions, it has been possible to establish a direct and quantifiable relationship between the quality of the content and the place that the page occupies in the search results. Said content must fully develop the subject to be dealt with, with keywords and synonyms, have a sufficient length, as well as a good structure of internal links. It should be noted, in relation to the report published the previous year, a slight recess in terms of the importance of social networks as the main factor to  Ukraine WhatsApp number list   position in search engines. On the one hand, social mentions continue to occupy 7 of the top 10 SEO factors. On this occasion, content tops the ranking, specifically the use of relevant and quality content (0.34 out of 0.40), while Google+ appears in second place, at a very short distance (0.33).

Next, we find backlinks as the third determining factor for Google (0.31); a factor that is followed in order of importance by mentions and social interactions on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Another relevant aspect to highlight is the naturalness of the links. The study prioritizes the existence of nofollow links (0.23), over new links (0.20), the total number of outgoing links (0.08) or the existence of the keyword in the anchor text (0.11). It also destroys factors that have traditionally been considered determinants to climb positions in search engines, such as inserting the keyword in the title (0.02) or description (0.05), and even in the URL (-0, 01) and H1 (-0.03 ).

Therefore, when it comes to conquering Google, it is increasingly necessary to make people fall in love in the first place. Ordinary users do not understand keywords, nor do they know what a nofollow is. What they value is that, when they look for information related to the topic that interests them, the results that appear first are really useful and relevant. Complete and enriched information about the subject in question. From there, if the content is really good and provides something special, it will motivate them to share it on social networks, or they will give you a Like, either in the form of +1, RT, Pin or whatever they consider.

It is not about maintaining the mantra that content is king. It is applying common sense in a relationship that should matter so much to you before your client asks for a divorce and leaves with the next person. Because practically all the products that we want to buy have multiple sellers unless we are talking about tickets to travel to space. And there is already more than one company that offers them. How to keep your customers? How to stand out from the noise? How do you get them to pay more attention to you than to your competition?

If products have become commodities, what counts is the story behind them. The legion of Apple users gives a good example of this every time a new device comes on the market that, in reality, is manufactured and assembled by other companies. But take the apple. It’s from Apple. They want it. Because there is a story behind the product, the company, its founder? A legend has been built to hook the consumer.

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