They want us to be able to do everything without typing. Awesome! Give directions to Analytics with Google Now. Example of the use of Google Now in Analytics during the Google Summit. Google Maps The ideal tool to know where you are and navigate your surroundings. It may not be as handy for finding the cheapest hairdresser or bar in the neighborhood, but it does have a free navigation system that works all over the world and is fully integrated with Calendar and other apps. Before Google the concept of a free, interactive, global.

Detailed And Dynamic Map

Was a futuristic fantasy. Now, being aware of how quickly it has become a reality, we can’t even imagine what it will be like when they dynamically Find Your Phone Number integrate it with all their apps, content, and ads. It will be another leap into the future. Gmail In interhuman communication, Google has the powerful trump card of Gmail. With a market share of which is not bad for a very fragmented market , Google offers a good tool to communicate digitally. as Calendar although it is not the only provider that does it and now it is being renewed with dynamic inboxes that filter emails automatically.

Find Your Phone Number

It Even Shows Which Way You Looking

Perhaps in the future it will become a notification interface for all services, apart from personal communications. Youtube The nd largest search engine on the Internet, YouTube is the most used platform for viewing, sharing and uploading videos . After almost ten years as a space where only funny and ‘amateur’ videos of pets and babies Bold Data were seen, it is becoming its own communications ecosystem. With the arrival of YouTubers, it is only a matter of time before online video platforms with YouTube as their flagship establish themselves as a medium comparable to television, the written press or radio. That day is drawing near, and it will be Google that will take a significant piece of the pie. Google Shopping.

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