At the end of last year, we identified mobile-first indexing as one of the key SEO trends. That would continue to grow in 2018 and, just over three months ago. In addition, Google announced they’d be moving to mobile-first indexing to help determine rankings. In late April, Google started sending notifications to webmasters. Indicating their sites had been ‘enabled’ for mobile-first indexing. Meaning anyone whose mobile site isn’t already optimised will only fall further behind.

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What is mobile-first indexing?

Essentially, mobile-first indexing means Google will start prioritising the mobile versions of websites when indexing them for search rankings. Up until earlier this year, Google based search results  on a desktop-first indexing, meaning they first crawled the desktop versions of sites and gave these higher priority in rankings. Now, due to a great increase in mobile searches, Google has moved to this new system which considers the mobile version of a site to be the primary version. Websites with better mobile versions will now generally be higher in search rankings than they were before, while sites with poor mobile versions will see a drop in their ranking.


How can I optimise my site for mobile-first indexing?

The first thing we need to mention is: make UAE Phone Number sure you have a mobile version of your site! Whether it’s a mobile-responsive site based on the screen size of the device visiting, or a clone of your desktop site on a subdomain, just having a mobile version of your site in any form is much better than not having one – something some businesses still don’t understand.

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As Google leans more and more on crawling mobile sites. The crawl rate on your mobile site will increase over time. Meaning your host servers will have to adapt to withstand. In addition, this higher rate to minimise the chance of crashes occurring. Likewise, if your approach to ads on your mobile site is causing speed or crashing problems. Then you will likely need to rethink the way you’re using advertising.

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