Having a landing page that successfully converts visitors into leads is one of the most effective marketing methods for B2B and B2C companies. When you have a content offer for your target audience, the landing page that contains that information needs to be concise and attention-grabbing. However many landing pages fall short and lose out on those valuable leads that fuel the sales funnel because of some simple mistakes.


Find out below if you’ve made one of these common landing page mistakes:

Using the homepage as a landing page

You should avoid sending people to your homepage for specific content offers at all costs. If you send people on a wild goose hunt for the right landing page they will likely give up and go somewhere else. Sending them directly to a landing page means they are far more likely to claim the offer and become a new lead for your business.


Having a navigation bar at the top of your page

People often go to the navigation bar to check Argentina Phone Number out your company’s about section or other parts of your website – exactly what you don’t want your potential customers to do when they land on a landing page. By removing the navigation bar you are more likely to increase conversions because of the lack of distractions. Your visitors can explore the rest of your site through the thank you page.


Not using a custom URL

Don’t confuse your potential leads with inconsistent brand communications across digital platforms. Having consistent branding influences people’s decisions on whether or not they will spend more or less on a brand.


The form field is too long

Keep the information you ask for relevant and simple. It may be too early in the buyers’ journey to ask for certain information (e.g. their company name or their budget). Keep in mind, however, that a form that is too short may garner leads that aren’t genuinely interested in the offer. So try to find balance in what information you’re asking for.  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database

Having too many calls to action

Every landing page you create should have only one goal; therefore it should have only one call to action. You want to remove any distractions for the person landing on the page and guide them to convert.

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