Is it possible to turn a negative review into a positive experience? The answer is yes, as long as the company shows a real interest in it. Assuming that a criticism is an opportunity to improve, it is not advisable to be afraid of such negative comments and complaints, but what matters is to be willing to learn from mistakes, and a serious commitment to quality. and the customer experience.

Thus, when faced with a negative criticism, the first step is to suppress the impulse to delete said comment, and the second, to avoid throwing yourself compulsively in defense of the good name of the brand. With arrogance and improvisation we will not be able to alleviate the spirits of our aggrieved client. For this we need to follow a previously thought-out and planned strategy. Be prepared, permanently monitoring online activity related to the brand and the sector. In this way we can identify the problem immediately, and be able to act in a timely manner, preventing the situation from happening to greater.

Always reply. Clients wait for an answer. Your complaint is a way to get attention; Hence, when verifying that the brand is indeed there to serve them, their degree of satisfaction with the company improves  Latvia WhatsApp Number List  significantly. Admit the mistake. First of all, you need to study the situation. If the problem is indeed real, we can only acknowledge our responsibility and act accordingly.

Show a close attitude, committed to the client and the situation. Arrogance is at odds with conflict resolution. Clients will be more receptive to speaking to a person than to a magnanimous and ethereal organization. Therefore, use cordial language, in a friendly tone, fostering dialogue and the will to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Clarify the situation. You need to give an explanation. Not only for the client, but for the entire community. In this way, we will have the opportunity to present our version of events, and show our willingness to amend and improve.

Offer a useful solution. Obviously, it is useless to sing the ‘mea culpa’, if we do not think to do anything about it. The client will appreciate our response, but is waiting for a solution; which we must provide.
If necessary, move the conversation to a private setting. Once the problem is clarified, it is not necessary to expose the next steps, until it is fully resolved. It will suffice to finally communicate the final step, and publicly thank the client for their understanding.

Maintain consistency throughout the process, always following the indications established in the strategy.

Finally, do not give up at the slightest criticism. Negative comments also have value. On the one hand, they provide truthfulness to the rest of the company’s evaluations, while, on the other hand, they help detect errors that, otherwise, we probably would not have been able to discover.

These reasons lead us to encourage customers to value the quality of the service, with the dual purpose of enabling appropriate channels for communication with customers, and cultivating positive comments about the company and its products.

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