Today I share with you the interview with Sergio Cancelo and Alex Ríos, the founders of Happy Force. In this interview I share why mentoring is necessary to promote female talent and the reasons why this tool works so well.


Interview Highlights:

  • Why is mentoring the new coaching?

Coaching “exploded” a few years ago, and mentoring is now on the rise, however it is not a new concept, rather it is a very old methodology, even mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey.

The difference between coaching and mentoring is as follows:  coaching is focused on the person discovering their own talents, finding the answers they are looking for through personal introspection tools, and the coach acts as a mirror to facilitate this.

However, in mentoring , the mentor has a role of guide, accompaniment. The mentor gives his opinion, gets wet, makes recommendations (from his own experience and vision) and for this reason, he can often make growth more accelerated, especially if that person (mentor) is a specialist in what you do.

  • Why do women especially need a mentor?

There is a lot of data, a lot of surveys, that show that women have barriers that stop us professionally. These barriers are called “gender biases”, and they are unconscious, since we have been educated with them through gender socialization.

These biases affect in 3 directions:

  1. What other people think of you as a woman.
  2. What you as a woman think of other women?

Girls always caring, perfect, responsible, in their place… All this created high levels of self-demand in women especially.

In our day to day there is a large majority of women who feel undervalued. They underestimate themselves, they have less confidence, less security, they suffer from impostor syndrome, …

  • What can done to combat this?

On the one hand, open the radar of conscience and when you experience a situation in which you suspect that you are not being fair, think, if you were a man, would you have said the same thing? would I have done the same?  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database

On the other hand, help the women around you and those Ghana Phone Number you appreciate, push them, accompany them by reminding them daily why they are good and thus gradually penetrate that message and internalize it so that tomorrow they can say it out loud, proud , and so they will project it.

  • What can companies do to promote real equality and combat invisible barriers?

Implement mentoring programs to promote female talent and do it professionally.

A common mistake in mentoring is letting the mentor be the boss. It is studied that choosing a mentor who is 5, 6, 7 steps ahead allows you to improve more. These “steps” do not depend on age, but on the evolution of that person.

The most important thing is to have that feeling. Seeing yourself reflected in what you have achieved and the affinity to be able to open up and create that relationship of trust to share, expose your fears… What is necessary to get the best of yourself.

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