Google Adds ‘Similar Sounding Words’ to Dictionary Search Cards


Google has updated its dictionary cards in search results. Now, searchers will be alerted when a word they’ve searched for sounds similar to another. The alert appears at the bottom of the search card and is highlighted in orange. Tapping on the similar sounding word will give you a definition and an option to hear the word spoken aloud.


Instagram Stories Includes GIFs

GIF stickers can now be added to an Instagram story, thanks Thailand Phone Number to an integration with GIPHY. Users can choose from hundreds of thousand of GIFs from GIPHY’s database and add them as stickers. Users can type in something specific into the search bar, or select from trending GIFs. This feature is available in the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android.


Google Search Console’s ‘Remove URL Report’ is  Upgrade

Google is currently upgrading the report, so the removal tool URL report might not function properly for a “short time” period. The Remove URLs tool lets people temporarily block pages from Google Search results on sites they own.

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Bing Hotel Ads Moving from Beta to General Release with Koddi

Last year Bing Ads ran its Hotel Ads offering in beta, but now they are switching to general release and partnering up with travel advertising platform Koddi. The release opens up another paid channel for hotel marketing.

Bing’s Hotel Ads experience is similar to Google’s, in that the interface gives searchers a fast way to punch in travel dates and instantly see pricing across different travel engines. Searchers can use the ‘sort’ options to look at the best match, price or rating.

It contains data such as hotel name, phone number, address and location. A separate XML feed called the Point of Sale Feed details the sites that users can use to book rooms.

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