The objective of the influencer is to demonstrate. What can really be bought with 600 pesos. And to broadcast the performances of price increases. It is estimated that at least two million influencers in the. World live entirely from their content on the network. The influencer seeks to deny a publication that. Circulates in networks in which it is seen how. One of the usual to put it differently, content themes on the networks. Is the influencers who seek to deny or corroborate what users. Expose within the community immersed in networks. Standing out in the preference of users is a difficult issue.

Especially if One Takes Into Account That It Competes

Against approximately just over 50 million content creators. Million live fully from their earnings obtained through. The networks an interesting fact if one takes into. Account that this profession is less than 10 years old. Within the categories New Zealand Business Fax List of content that are available on the network. One of the most popular is to deny or corroborate. The content that some other creatives. Present as well as trying to resolve the concerns. Generated by users for this reason an influencer took on. The task of corroborating what 600 pesos really looked like. On order going to a store of the bodega aurrera chain.

In Which Only 9 Products Are Observed

New Zealand Business Fax List

And that according to internet users. The calculated price was around 600 pesos. Pesos, a reason that generated a polarized conversation. Because many accuse the current government of inflation in costs. Which causes an embezzlement to the family economy; however, as a result of this, the influencer seeks to deny the accusations by going to make purchases inside. A bodega aurrera store this is the case of a user who shared. With the digital pulse the good moment she experienced. As a consumer when using the jüsto. Application, which she compared to walmart. Currently people are looking for the brands they consume to. Be more transparent and effective with their users.

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