The directorate of linkage and social participation. Of  requested important to realize, the services of the influencer. Announced the national transparency platformit. Is estimated that each conference lasted. Approximately one hour for which I charge 9,280 pesos. Denise ramos she gave a total of 36 motivational. Conferences on leadership issues to teachers. And students from different educational establishments. In recent years. The number of motivational speakers has increased. Who through talks seek that those attending their events. Detonate with positive energy. A forceful most compelling evidence, improvement in their daily lives.

Within the Business Environment Motivational Talks

The performance production and coexistence of workers. Seeking to have a for the purpose of, positive impact on productivity. However these speakers have sometimes. Drawn the attention of the public since they are. Continually questioned about the themes of their. Content and seeing / being that, the high costs that they represent often crossing. Out that they German Business Fax List only sell smoke or charge excessively. For non-useful advice such is the case presented in networks. In which the government of hermosillo. Of mayor manuel ignacio acosta gutiérrez the right-wing influencer. A contract by direct with this intention, assignment which indicates. That there for this reason,in the event that, was no competition for said task.

In Addition It Was Given to Know That the

German Business Fax List

Influencer gave to put it another way, a total of 36 conferences. On topics of under those circumstances, value leadership personal motivation. And teamwork this taught in different educational. Establishments with teachers and students as audience. It is worth mentioning that according to the. National transparency platform the request to request. By the hermosillo directorate for social engagement. And participation in networks it has been pointed out. That this presents a conflict of interest because. A contract as an external trainer from the training center. Of the government of the state of sonora. Giving behavioral motivational talks where topics. Such for this reason, as stress management. Teamwork for this reason, emotional intelligence and health.

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