A person’s lexicon is a set of words that he actively uses. The Lexicon Richer, more readable and beautiful

speech. Being able to express your thoughts well helps in communication, at work or in school. This is why parents worry about children

Essential Vocabulary, starting at a very young age.

Increase the child’s vocabulary: standards for children of different ages 24354_1
The vocabulary is active and active. Active Lexicon is a set of words that little men want to enjoy life. The passive vocabulary is the words and expressions, the meaning of the child in exchange for the child.


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For example, Mom shows a picture of a one-year-old child: “This is a dog, this is a cat, this is a horse.” The child knows the names of the animals, but these words remain in his passive dictionary, because he cannot say them himself. When you can name  Italy Phone Number which animal is shown in the picture, words from the passive Lexicon enter the active vocabulary. The translation of the passive voice is much more, and it applies not only to children. Many adults understand the meaning of the words “Bye”, “Catharsis”, “Bond”, but do not use them in their speech. Therefore, children expand their passive vocabulary, which can be used in the future.


Increase the Childs vocabulary


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Every child develops individually, but there are indicators that parents can focus on: Increase the child’s vocabulary: standards for children of different ages 24354_3
Parents often get lost, they don’t know how to calculate the passive words in the Kid’s Lexicon. Show crumb pictures with pictures of animals, plants, trees, food, people. Ask the children to show, for example, bear, pearl, doctor, doctor. If the child shows exactly what you are asking, this word is in the Pacific dictionary.


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