Black Sea: Another of the great attractions of this country is that it has a beach bath by the Black Sea . Our advice for traveling to Romania and enjoying a good beach plan is to visit the city of Constanta . This city has more than 500 years of history being found by the Greeks . In addition in this city you can find some beaches such as Mamaia Efoire Nord or Vama Veche where you even reach the border with Bulgaria. travel-to-romania in november 4. Pay in euros in Romania Another question that many tourists ask when traveling to Romania is whether.

It Is Possible To Pay With Euros

To address it within the tips for traveling to Romania. The official currency of this country is the Leu but it is true that in many hotels and tourist places it will be possible to pay with euros . But you should know that it may not be the best option since Business Email List you could lose out with rounding. your euros for the local currency so as to avoid that during transactions you may find yourself in situations where they don’t want to pay you back or give it to you wrong . It can also happen that when you hear the price of something in euros you may think.

Business Email List

Which Is Why We Want

That it is cheap but it is not so cheap compare to the standard of living there. 5. Moving within Romania When heading to this country one of the main Bold Data questions that you will surely ask yourself is how you are going to move between the different places and cities that you visit . Our advice to travel to Romania and move within the country is to rent a car . This will give you the freedom to move between the different locations thus avoiding long journeys and waiting for public transport.

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