Lead colleagues to teach by Cambodia Phone Number hand, check the team’s past information, and read experience posts online. Only 4 versions within 2 months have Cambodia Phone Number the online search function “stumbled”. In the process of realizing this requirement, more attention is paid Cambodia Phone Number to the function itself, such as how to interact when inputting, the logic of associative words, how to realize the search history, and the sorting of search results. Until recently, I went to the supermarket, chatted with the shopping guide aunt, and suddenly felt that searching was no different from going to the supermarket to buy things. In order to better understand (aunt) search,

Experience Posts Online Cambodia Phone Number

I followed a few shopping guide aunts. (The drawing is not good, but understand the meaning~) The nature of search Quickly give the user what he wants. Take the Cambodia Phone Number difference between going to the “commissary Cambodia Phone Numbers” at the entrance of the village and buying beer in the shopping mall as an example: When you go to the Cambodia Phone Numbers canteen at the entrance of the village, you rarely ask where the beer is from Auntie, but go straight to the place where you see the bottles and cans, pick them up and pay. But when you go to

The Nature of Search Cambodia Phone Number

Cambodia Phone Number List
Cambodia Phone Number List

Shangchao with an area of ​​thou sands of square meters for the first time, it may take a long time to Cambodia Phone Numbers find the beer you want, so most of the time we will ask the shopping guide, where is the beer? The difference Cambodia Phone Numbers between asking and not asking is not the difference in space, but the difference in content. Think about it: why do we ask where is the XX thing? Because we want to quickly find what we want to buy and don’t want to waste time searching. The essence of the search function is also here: to quickly give the user what he wants. Corresponding to the realization of product functions is to let the user do less (because the user is lazy) &

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